Colicky Babies: How to Treat Successfully

Do you have a baby with colic? Are you totally upset to see your baby crying and in intense discomfort? Are you and your baby loosing sleep and peace of mind?

Colicky Baby Treatment

Craniosacral therapy/Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a highly effective therapy to resolve colic in infants. It is a very gentle hands on therapy that helps relieve any strain patterns in your babies bodies that cause or contribute to their colic symptoms. These strain patterns can occur during the birth process, or in utero.
So many parents who have seen the benefits of their baby receiving this treatment for colic symptoms, say they really wish that they had known about the treatment for older siblings who had colic. Parents often tell me that their lives have been totally changed for the better, and that their baby is like a different child, so relaxed. This is why I tell any expecting mother/father about craniosacral therapy for a colicky baby, just in case their baby should have colic.

This treatment can be given by various health care professionals if they have been specifically trained in craniosacral therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, cranial osteopathy. Also it is good to ask if your physiotherapist/osteopath/therapist has a lot of experience in treating babies with colic.

Number of treatment sessions required: generally anywhere from 1-3 sessions may be enough, but at times more sessions are required.

Cost of treatment: this varies anywhere from 30 to 50 euro for 30 minutes, or 60 to 100 euro for 60 minutes.

Contact us if you would like to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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